Apple Released Video Tutorial how to use iPhone X features

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The operation of iPhone X features as it is known to many different than the ordinary iPhone model. Almost everything involves gesture (movement) as the impact of the removal of the Home button.

To help users familiarize themselves with the changes that took place on iPhone X, Apple released an easy guide on how to use the new iPhone features along with its gesture in a video uploaded to YouTube.

Video guide using the iPhone X is divided into four sessions namely the new gesture, Face ID, Animoji, and Portrait Lighting. The guides themselves are very easy to follow. Here's the full video:

Video guide using the features of iPhone X is present following Apple released the tips contain steps how to use iOS 11 operating system for the new iPhone is the day of its release.

On the page, Apple brings 8 short videos using the features of iPhone X. Like how to turn off the device, Face ID, Animoji, Tap to Wake, Apple Pay, Multitasking, Home Screen access, and activate Siri.

Surely this video guide will be useful for you who plan to buy the iPhone X. It never hurts to listen to it first so you are not confused using iPhone X when buy it later.

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