Revealed on why Ito Marika announce her graduation from Nogizaka46

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Member Nogizaka46 Ito Marika has announced her graduation from the group. This was announced through the group's official website and Ito Marika blog post on this day, October 2nd, 2017.

Ito Marika who will be holding her solo exhibition 'Ito Marika no Nounai Hakuran Kai [伊藤 万 理 華 の 脳 内 博 覧 会]' from 5th October, revealed through her blog, "I Ito Marika, with my solo exhibition, decided to graduate from Ngoizaka46. "

Ito continued, "Being part of a group, I always think that my graduation should be decided someday.I think my solo exhibition is the best place to tell me everything about me so I decided to graduate through this exhibition."

Through her blog, Ito also expressed her apologies for her announcement, "For all the fans who have given their support for me, I apologize for announcing it here.I have betrayed those who have supported me? I can not erase my anxiety about it , but I want to keep trying to give the best to the end. "

As for her graduation schedule, Ito has not revealed, "I will have a blessing in Nogizaka46 until the end of the year, and I have a little time left to end the year, I want to have fun as long as I am a member.


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