Revealed, How much does iPhone X Production cost?

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How much does iPhone X Production cost?

Apple priced iPhone X (read iPhone Ten) with a very high price, ranging from 999 US dollars or USD 13.2 million. However, according to predictions of component prices by observers in China, the cost of producing the smartphone seems much cheaper.

As reported by KompasTekno from Phone Arena, Tuesday (19/09/2017), industry observers from China predict the basic cost to make the iPhone X is only 412.75 US dollars or about Rp 5.4 million. This means that the difference is about 59 percent compared to the selling price of 64 GB X size.

Of the total base price, according to predictions, the most expensive component is the Super Retina Display panel. The price reached 80 US dollars or about Rp 1 million per unit.

Other sources even indicate that the price of the panel is much more expensive, can reach 100 to 120 US dollars or about Rp 1.3 to 1.5 million per unit.

The price of other components in the iPhone X is not as expensive as the panel. A11 Bionic chipset is only 26 US dollars or about Rp 344,000 per unit, then Qualcomm modem is installed for 18 US dollars or Rp 238,000 per unit.

Then the price of NAND memory made in Toshiba in it is 45 US dollars or about Rp 596,000 for the size of 256 GB, while 3 GB of RAM is embedded in the iPhone X is 24 US dollars or Rp 318,000.

But one thing to note. Although the iPhone X base price is sold more than twice the price of its production, it does not mean that Apple really drank the entire margin as a profit.

The selling price of iPhone X is a combination of various factors, ranging from marketing, logistics, manufacturing, software manufacturing costs, and various other components. The base price mentioned above is just one of the factors that become the reference, not taking into account other aspects.

iPhone X was not yet officially sold. That is, the observer does not disassemble itself to see the components in it. Observers only guess what components are used on Apple's new device.

Ten years of iPhone presence celebrated by Apple with the release of iPhone X. Among the three iPhone released simultaneously, September 12, 2017, iPhone X is the most favored series.

iPhone X itself is considered the future of a smartphone as well as a big jump for the iPhone series that exist today.

So special, the iPhone X pre-order was done from 27 October is priced at the cheapest US $ 999 or about Rp 13 million. However, what is the total price of all components of Apple's latest smartphone is as expensive as that?

It seems that this is answered with an investigation conducted by someone from the smartphone industry in China. The most surprising, it turns out the price of the components of iPhone X is much lower than the price tag iPhone X.

Citing GSM Arena, Monday (18/09/2017), the total price of the iPhone X component is allegedly only US $ 412.75 or Rp 5.5 million. Thus, the price of all components of the iPhone X 60 percent cheaper than the sale price.

Based on the details of the price per component of iPhone X, the most expensive component is the OLED screen manufactured by Samsung, which is US $ 86 (about Rp 1.4 million) per unit.

Meanwhile, other components of NAND memory capacity of 256GB purchased from Toshiba for US $ 45 (about Rp 600 thousand). 3GB of RAM embedded on the iPhone X purchased for US $ 24 (about Rp 320 thousands) per unit.

The performance of iPhone X is supported by A11 Bionic chipset developed by TSMC with 10nm process technology. Per unit, A11 Bionic chipset sold US $ 26 (about Rp 346 thousands). Another with a modem on the iPhone X purchased from Qualcomm at a price of US $ 18 (about Rp 240 thousands).

The 3D sensor components used on the iPhone X costs US $ 25 (approximately USD 333 thousands). Meanwhile, the glass on the front panel of the iPhone X is priced at US $ 18 (about Rp 240 thousands).

One thing to note, although the price of all components of the iPhone X is very cheap compared to the selling price, the price is not including the cost of production, logistics, and most importantly research and development efforts made to make Apple iPhone X.

Apple announced the iPhone X at a price of US $ 999 (approximately USD 13 million) on 12 September. The number is considered fantastic that encourages a number of parties in China to investigate how the cost of each component.

The GSM Arena page contains the findings of an investigation by the so-called "sources in the Chinese mobile phone industry". Mentioned that the total cost to make the iPhone X is US $ 412.75 (approximately USD 5.5 million), or 60 percent cheaper than the price offered.

The most expensive component is a 5.8 inch OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. The price is US $ 80 (about Rp 1.1 million) per unit. The price is much higher than other components, such as NAND memory from Toshiba for US $ 45 for ROM 256GB, and US $ 24 for 3GB of RAM.

Apple announced the A11 Bionic chipset, made by TSMC on 10nm process technology. One chip has a price of US $ 26 (about Rp 347 thousand), while the modem is displayed on top of the chipset provided by Qualcomm and has a price of US $ 18 (about Rp 240 thousand).

3D sensors also exist in the expensive category, at a price of US $ 25 (Rp 333 thousand). The sensor is packed behind a glass on the front panel that has a price of US $ 18 (about Rp 240 thousand).

The total number of all components may not be as high as the final price, but do not let that figure mislead you. Because, the amount does not include production costs, logistics and most importantly R & D.

Apple iPhone X can be ordered on October 27 and delivery will begin on 3 November.

iPhone production cost has always been an interesting thing to be explored. No exception iPhone X recently announced Apple became the first iPhone model priced at a fantastic touch nearly $ 1,000.

As MakeMac summarizes from the page (via Myfixguide), Apple only charges $ 412.75 to produce one unit of iPhone X. The cost of producing the new iPhone is 60 percent cheaper than its original price on the market.

The 5.8 inch OLED display on the iPhone X is the most expensive component. OLED screen that reportedly produced Samsung is priced at $ 80 per unit or about one million-rupiah.

The next component is two glass material on the front and rear of the body and stainless steel frame (stainless steel). Apple purchased it from its suppliers accumulatively for $ 53.

NAND flash memory with 256GB capacity made by Toshiba, Hynix, and Micron is priced at $ 45. While the 3GB RAM component priced at $ 24.

Important components like the A11 Bionic processor chip with a 10nm process technology that has the equivalent performance of the MacBoook lineup is not expensive. Processor chip made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TMSC) is priced at $ 26.

Furthermore, the modem component priced at $ 18. Apple chip components supply it from two suppliers Intel and Qualcomm. The second supplier is still selected by Apple to supply modem chips, although as it is known today they are at odds in court.

The main camera components with 12 megapixel resolution and 3D camera owned by iPhone X are also recorded inexpensively. Each component of the camera is priced at $ 25 and $ 33.

The number of components of the iPhone X in the category of cheap battery, Haptic Feedback, and PCB. Apple earns each one for $ 9, $ 10, and $ 15 only. Another is a $ 5 RF antenna.

iPhone X does look much cheaper than the official price tag on the market. Even so, that does not mean Apple takes a big profit. Because the cost of production of the iPhone X based on the price of the components of the manufacturer does not include other costs that must be incurred Apple, such as tax costs, marketing costs, and development.

iPhone X according to schedule will debut in the market in early November in several countries. Apple will sell it for $ 999 for 64GB storage.

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