Lots of Praise and Criticism on the Apple iPhone X

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When Apple CEO Tim Cook declared iPhone X the "biggest jump since the first iPhone" at its recent launch, you might ask if he was referring to its features or price. 

With the most sophisticated version costing Rp 20 million, customers pay a premium fee to exchange their fingerprint sensors with a face scanner and the ability to make animated monkeys or emoji muck imitate their faces. (Read: Price of Cheapest X X Rp 13 Million, This Specification Full) 

In choosing to refer to the model as "ten" instead of "x", the company has also removed its naming habits and caused a bit of confusion - will there be an iPhone 9 - or indeed IX?
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Of course, that's a problem for another day. And the internet has many other things to complain about in the meantime. A number of international media to comment on the iPhone X, there are praised and others criticize. 

The two biggest questions for me, focus on the most daring design changes iPhone X, throw home button. 

Will it really make the phone more convenient to use? And will it use your face to unlock your profitable phone, or is it just an illusionary solution? 

The Verge
iPhone X may be the most powerful iPhone ever, but compared to almost any other Android flagship, it's hard to choose which category this phone leads - at least on paper when comparing raw specs. 

But if Apple has shown one thing many times in every iPhone generation, it is simply an optimization of hardware and software - if not more. 

Wall Street Journal
The new iPhone X design - a 5.8 inch edge-to-edge display - has raised hopes that it could reverse Apple's fortune in China, as sales there have fallen six consecutive quarters.  

Chinese consumers are more concerned with the appearance of mobile phones than consumers in other markets, and Apple still maintains the same look for three years. 

iPhone worth 1,000 US dollars can raise up to 6 percent of Apple's earnings per share in 2018 but that depends if the iPhone X is a hit, 

and more competition comes from low-cost Chinese competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi, which set the time its launch around the time of Apple's launch to attract customers who may be hindered by the price of iPhone X. 

Apple has created an amazing new flagship product. 

While the current iPhone is starting to look a bit dull compared to what Samsung, LG and others have done on hardware, the iPhone X has been speeding and can compete with the best of the products. 

What bothers me more than expected is the bezel that surrounds the screen ... 

Considering that Apple's competitors have done a remarkable job of trimming unneeded components from around their screen, I can not help but feel that the design of the iPhone X does not have the same impact as , say, the latest Essential or Galaxy Samsung. (Read: First Impressions Holding Samsung Galaxy Note 8). 


The idea of ​​using your face as a key to a digital secret brings up some basic issues. 

It's very difficult to hide your face from someone who wants to force you to open a mobile phone, like a robber, a customs agent, or a cop who just caught you. 

In some cases, criminal suspects in the United States may request the protection of the Fifth Amendment by refusing to submit their phone access codes. 

The same protection does not apply to your face. 

Financial Times 

All the focus today is on innovation on X. 

But it all makes view 8 look like a boring "old" iPhone - and the price for that alone goes up 50 US dollars (Rp 650,000). 


(iPhone) X is the best iPhone, no doubt, and quickly jump to the top of the best mobile phones, period. Well, it's expensive, but you know it already.

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